Robbin Harris Ceramics


  I found ceramics at the age of 39. I had always had interest and appreciation for the art of well made ceramics. I was living in Asia when my fascination with clay really took hold. The pottery from that region has been very influential in my journey. 

In 2009 I had an injury that altered my life dramitically. I was touring the world as a professional drummer at the time. I was working on a film doing a stunt and shattered my right leg. It was the end of my professional career as a drummer. 

I was looking to find a new way to express my artistic side. I finally found that again in ceramics. I started at a recreational pottery studio with once a week classes. It came to me quickly and I enjoyed it very much. 

Many years later I am very content with the pieces I am producing, always trying to challenge myself with hard forms or textures and the glaze chemistry that suits them. My goal in ceramic creation is and always has been for every piece and every firing to produce someting new and original. Some potters do a great job of finding one or two glazes they like and having a particular shape for their mugs or jars. I enjoy having each piece being completely its own. Each piece will be its own. 

I work mostly with porcelain these days. Firing to cone 10 and beyond.  A lot of my glazing is done with crystalline glaze. These require very methodical processes to make them work well. Finding just the right temperatures to get the color and crystals to dance together. The firings last much longer than regular firings, usually in the 15-20 hour realm. 

On occasion I get back to stoneware and in particular the black iron clay from PSH that I truly love to throw. In this realm I utilize a lot of texture and organic shape.